STORY: Change was afoot.  In the ancient world of Alumbria, national service had previously been a male only institution.  National service academies were exclusively run by men, and only boys aged 18 to 20 were allowed to attend.  This, however, was to become a thing of the past.  Alumbria’s new queen, hell bent on gender equality, had demanded change.  Her ideals, however, would not go unopposed.

The girls are coming and they're bring chaos with them.

Equilibria: A tale of misogyny, cheating, skulduggery and debauchery where everyone is an underhand scumbag except the poor buggers caught in the middle.

FAIR WARNING: If you're hoping for something light, fluffy and politically correct, you're on the wrong page.  Equilibria is unashamedly risqué and it makes no apology for that.  If it ever did apologise it'd only be for legal reasons and wouldn't mean it.  In fact, it would have its fingers crossed and stick its tongue out as soon as the offended party averted his or her gaze.  

If you like your comedies fast paced, chaotic and unrestrained then this could well be the story for you.  If not, there's some episodes of Teletubbies on YouTube you might like.


ARIA EASTLEIGH. Aria is a lovely young woman with an extremely positive outlook on life.  Unfortunately, she's also obscenely annoying.  Having the ability to talk incessantly for hours on end without even pausing for breath, it's a miracle that nobody has strangled her yet.

An extremely fast runner with a passionate love of sandwiches, the one thing Aria wants most is to find herself a boyfriend.  Alas, everyone she's attempted to date thus far has either fled screaming or tried to kill her once her mouth has got going.

THORPE SCUNSON. A lively lad with a passion for sport, Thorpe is very much the star pupil in his academic year.  Well aware of his own potential, he arrives at the beginning of term with high hopes of success. 

Like the vast majority of male students, Thorpe finds the inclusion of females at Graydon Hall Academy an exciting prospect.  With his unfortunate record for dating whiney drama queens, however, he hopes his luck with the opposite sex will change. 

SAMSON GRAINGER. Thorpe’s long standing best mate, Samson is a big lad with a no nonsense attitude to the world.  Being extremely perceptive, he's rarely taken by surprise.  Cursed with a short fuse, however, he has a tendency to be far too honest with his feelings when he's stressed.

Being tall and well built, Samson is extremely useful in a fight and excels at hand to hand combat.

LEXI CURTIS. Aria's best friend, Lexi is by far the sexiest female student at Graydon Hall Academy, a fact which isn't lost on her.  Very much considered a gift to the older male students, she spends most of her time in the barn at the back of the academy showing them a good time. 

Despite her girly ways, she's fiercely defensive of her best friend and can become aggressive when provoked. 

DIDI SMITH. A straight talking young lady, Didi has absolutely no time for idiots and timewasters.  Not one for patronising small talk, she can often come over as cold and insensitive.

Like a lot of the female students, she considers doing national service entirely pointless and has resigned herself to doing the best she can and simply getting through it.  

BRIAN DREYFUS. A confirmed deviant and highly accomplished pervert, Brian doesn't care what anyone else thinks.  He's comfortable with himself and doesn't even try to pretend he's anything but the slimy creep people tell him he is.  To his mind, "slimy creep" is a compliment.

The inclusion of female students at Graydon Hall Academy came as a god send to Brian.

Whether it's lurking in bushes, peering through windows or peeping up skirts, Brian has all perversions covered.

Finally... never let Microsoft Office fool you.  Equilibria IS a word; we don't care what it says!