STORY: Axion was the man who had it all.  Looks, wealth, power, his health, this man had it all and yet, he still wasn't satisfied.  His late father's will had stipulated that he wouldn't receive a penny of his inheritance unless he was married by the time he turned 30.

Despite already being a wealthy businessman, the cold hearted Axion was not about to let such a financial windfall pass him by, and so he started his search for a wife.  A wife fitting of one as great as he considered himself to be.  This only required her to have one attribute.  She didn't have to be a good cook, her ability to hold a conversation was irrelevant and her personality meant nothing to him.  For any woman to take his arm, she simply needed to possess one quality.  She had to be the best looking woman in the entire Anoseta nation.  Very much a vain individual, he couldn't bare the thought of anyone else having a better looking wife.

Having searched high and low for a bride, Axion finally settled on a beautiful sixteen year old gymnast named Kyrie.  Upon sighting her for the first time, her looks had taken his breath away.  He knew she had to be the one.  Much to his deep dismay, however, Kyrie had a ten year old sister, named Cayley.  This younger sibling posed a considerable threat to Axion's plan.  If she grew up to be even prettier than her big sister, upon her wedding day, somebody else would have a better looking wife than him.  It was a problem which Axion solved with ease.  Using the nations ridiculous and extremely misogynistic laws, he decreed to marry them both, thus guaranteeing himself the prettiest bride.

Unfortunately for Axion, he'd overlooked one small point.  Legally obliged to or not, the two sisters simply didn't want to marry him and took it upon themselves to flee, leaving Axion looking quite the fool.  Not about to let them get away with such an indignity, the bitter Axion sent a whole host of assassins and killers after them, determined to make the two girls pay for making a fool of him.  And so the hunt began.   Two girls at the mercy of an army of killers.  Luckily for them, Kyrie was a martial arts master and her young sister was a genius.  Between them they had what it took to survive.   But for how long?  Axion had sworn to keep up the hunt for the for them until their dead heads were mounted on his wall and he meant every word of it.  All the two girls could do is keep running and hope one day they might reach some kind of sanctuary.



As a wandering knight of the Castaria kingdom, it's Sir Hapslock's duty to seek out wrong doers and protect the innocent in the kingdom.  A dedicated and noble gentlemen, he carries out his duties in strict accordance to the knight's code.  Wherever there is injustice, he aims to put things right.  Still only in his mid to late twenties, he's one of Castaria's most accomplished knights and his sword skills are the envy of many.

Like so many wandering knights, Sir Hapslock is quite the ladies man.  Considering the admiration of the fairer sex to be one of the perks of his job, he isn't slow in taking full advantage of their desire to pleasure him.  Some would consider this to be his only fault, but as he rightly admits, a noble man is still a man, and men have needs.

ATTRIBUTES: Expert swordsman, worldly wise and dedicated to his duty.

NEGATIVES: Like all great men, his Achilles heel will soon prove to be a beautiful female.



Kyrie is something of an enigma.  She can name and accurately perform over one thousand types of unarmed combat moves.  When it comes to fighting, there's no move she can't perform with incredible skill and immense agility.  When it comes to anything else, however, she's absolutely clueless.  Even the simplest of conversations goes straight over her head.  It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Kyrie is a complete idiot.

Being large breasted, extremely good looking and having a body to die for, Kyrie doesn't care about her lack of intelligence.  As far as she's concerned, she's as hot as hell and everything else is irrelevant anyway.  Being a stunner, she gets to enjoy a lot of sex, something she happily admits she can't ever get enough of.  To say she's an unashamed sex maniac would an understatement.

ATTRIBUTES: Extremely adept hand to hand combatant, can make men do whatever she wants them to with no more than a sexy glance.

NEGATIVES: Extraordinarily stupid and obsessed with having sex as often as possible.


Kyrie's younger sibling by a full six years, Cayley couldn't be more different to her elder sister.  As a child genius, she excelled at school and even learned to play every musical instrument they had in her spare time.  A shy and quiet young lady, the only time she ever makes a fuss is if anyone doubts her brains or disrespects her hero, the legendary knight, Sir Flaxley of Tifaeris.

Although Cayley adores her big sister, she often finds herself feeling highly embarrassed by her promiscuous behaviour.  Desperate not to turn out like Kyrie, she's highly embarrassed of her developing chest and has no interest in boys whatsoever.  Being a pretty girl in her own right, she hates nothing more than when people assume she'll turn out just like her.

ATTRIBUTES: Well behaved, fiercely intelligent and highly observant.

NEGATIVES: Has no skills in a battle and finds any physical task a struggle.


Sadler is very much a loner.  Having spent over twenty five years travelling the land performing as a freestyle minstrel, all he asks is to be left alone to enjoy his minor degree of success as a musician.  He doesn't integrate with other people very well and what's more, he doesn't want to.

One thing the unfortunate Sadler has failed to realise in his lifetime as a travelling musician is that his talent is somewhat lacking.  His lute playing is adequate at best and his far too honest lyrics more than often get him into trouble.  Very often putting the poor reception he receives down to his audience's lack of artistic appreciation, however, he carries on oblivious, content in the delusion that he's a talented performer.

ATTRIBUTES: Owns a carriage and horses and manages to scrape together a living.

NEGATIVES: Unsociable and extremely cowardly.


During the epic "She Seeks Sanctuary" Sir Hapslock crosses paths with Kyrie and Cayley and offers to help them in their bid to find sanctuary.  The three quickly become friends and naturally, Sir Hapslock has sex with the insatiable Kyrie.  Much to Sir Hapslockís horror, however, rather than being the usual meaningless sexual encounter he enjoys with a good looking charge, he starts to develop feelings for her.  Feelings that make him feel deeply uncomfortable. 

Throughout the story, the two sisters constantly bicker and argue, all the while leaving nobody in any doubt that they love one another dearly.  The girls are very close, their bond strengthened by the daily attacks they endure from Axionís minions and summoned beasts sent to kill them.  Before meeting Sir Hapslock the girls had endured two solid years of almost constant attacks.  Never knowing when or where the next attack will come from, they haven't been able to relax for even a moment.  Thankfully, Sir Hapslock thinks he has the answer.  The new world, discovered only some twenty three years ago, might well be the sanctuary they're looking for.  With this in mind, he helps the girls find their way, commandeering the unfortunately Sadlerís carriage to help them on their journey.

Due to events along the way, Sadler finds himself arrested twice for treason, accused of being a paedophile and ends up a figure of hatred.  Bizarrely, he blames the one person who can stand him, Cayley, incidentally also the one person he owes his very life to.

Littered with crazy moments and outlandish scenarios, "She Seeks Sanctuary" provides a link between the new characters and the old world from The Futile Fantasy Trilogy.