STORY: The nation of Efland was unpleasant to say the least.  Its murderous, corrupt government had overseen decades of decline.  It was once a proud nation with a prosperous population and ideals that were the envy of many.  Those days were now gone.  The reason for Eflandís fall from grace was greed.  The greed of those in power.  Every policy was aimed at redirecting the nationís funds into their own pockets.  And anyone who dared to protest was labelled a terrorist.  It was an easy myth to promote, because the same people who controlled the wealth, also controlled the national media.  Those found guilty of their liberal interpretation of terrorism would be hanged for treason.  Those merely suspected of dissent would simply vanish.  It was a country ruled by iron fists, promoting a myth to its people that everything was okay.  As such, they met with little resistance.  There were, however, a brave few who dared to try.  Josie Wells was one of their number.

Like so many who'd gone before her, Josie dreamt of a revolution.  The day the people took their country back couldn't come too soon for her.  Alas, were it ever to happen, she wouldn't be a part of it.  One night, whilst out on a mission, she foolishly implicated her innocent best friend in the intended uprising.  As a result, they both had no option but to flee the country.  And so, they headed to the canal where a small black boat awaited them.  The Amethyst.  This tiny boat and its two-man crew were their only hope of survival.  Although these two men were seasoned veterans when it comes to smuggling people overseas, it would not be a smooth ride to sanctuary.

Packed with the usual sarcasm and silliness, The Amethyst tells the tale of Josie, her best friend, a vile old man and the two-man crew of a canal boat as they head off on an ill-fated journey across canals, highways, rivers, oceans, backstreets and alleyways on their quest for asylum.


SIERRA CEDES. Very much a wholesome, law-abiding, young lady, Sierra shies away from trouble and avoids confrontation at all costs.  All she wants is a quiet, trouble-free life.  Alas, such a life is soon torn from her grasp.  While reluctantly doing a favour for her best friend, she suddenly finds herself on the wrong side of the law and has to flee for her very survival.

On the run from the authorities, she's thrown into a world of danger and chaos that she'd never have previously been able to comprehend. 


JOSIE WELLS. A passionate young lady with a strong sense of justice, Josie joined the Efland Resistance movement in the hope that she could one day change the world.  Sadly, it was not to be.  Whilst undertaking a mission she gets her best friend into deep trouble with the authorities and ends up having to flee the country with her. 

Riddled with guilt, she struggles to come to terms with how everything went so wrong, so quickly. 


ALAN VAREZ. Something of an expert engineer, Alan has single-handedly kept The Amethyst canal-worthy ever since the day he agreed to work on it in partnership with his friend.  It's an achievement he takes great pride in.  He takes a lot of joy from working on the canal and wouldn't want to live his life any other way.    

Not taken in by propaganda, Alan hates those in power with a fiery passion.  As such, he sees every dissident that they smuggle over the border as a minor victory over the authorities.    

CLAYMORE REEFE. As the helmsman upon The Amethyst, Claymore is loving life.  Happy to let Alan take care of evading the authorities, he focusses solely on steering the boat; a job he absolutely loves.  A simple fellow, he loves nothing more than a decent steak, a cold beer and having a laugh.

Although it's often been noted that he's not the sharpest tool in the shed, Claymore is a decent, kind and caring person with a good heart.  

GRAYDON JAMES. It's often been said that Graydon James is one of the most vile human beings ever to walk the face of the planet.  It's rarely said to his face, however.  Working as the government's most trusted advisor, he's the brains behind virtually every devious and underhand scheme set upon the people.

As such a vital cog in the dictatorship's machine, Graydon is under no illusions about how much trouble he's in when he one day manages to upset a senior politician.  As such, he sets about fleeing the very dictatorship that he himself helped establish.