When the summoner, Celeste, called forth the one with the power to wield the mightiest weapon, she expected to see some kind of ultimate warrior appear before her.  The last thing she expected, or indeed wanted to see was a puny cockney with his trousers around his ankles and a toilet roll in his hand.  In the heat of battle, this was not a good summon!  Thankfully, she emerged from battle victorious anyway.

With victory achieved, Celeste, a cold hearted woman if ever there was one, turned away without celebration and immediately tried to get to the bottom of the bizarre summoning.  The stranger she'd brought forth was extremely distressed and his panicked ramblings were coarse and crude to say the least.  This foul-mouthed stranger who called himself Dave, was clearly from a different world.  Being a practical person, Celeste's first thought was to return to the summoner's guild in the city of Kritzvelt to ask the chief summoner for guidance.  Sadly for her, the chief was as mystified by the bizarre summoning as she was.  To make matters worse, under the rules of the summoner's guild, her summoning and it's wellbeing were her responsibility.  And so, until they could find a way to return Dave to whence he came, she had to look after him.  Should they fail, she'd be stuck with him forever.


CELESTE TRUMPET: Celeste is not a nice person.  Known as the ice queen to her peers, she cares only about her reputation as a summoner and nothing else.  Detesting the company of others, summoning Dave was a complete disaster for her.  Sharing her life with anyone would be a nuisance but Dave is her worst nightmare.  The crude, straight talking cockney is annoyingly perceptive and immediately starts chipping away at her cold exterior.  It's an annoyance she deals with using force and over the top violence.  I repeat, Celeste is not a nice person.

DAVE CLACTON: Dave is a far from complex man.  His idea of the perfect day out is watching his beloved Leyton Orient Football Club play then heading for Mehmetís Kebab Van on the way home.  In the evening he'd guzzle down a few beers and be quite content with the world.  Being snatched away from that into a strange and hostile world was soul destroying for Dave.  Initially he pines for the world he left behind where he can speak his mind without being beaten with a stick.  A place where he can curl up in bed and not be forced to sleep on the floor like a dog.  Dave's future with this coldest of women looks very bleak indeed.


BOSCARAX: Having fallen from grace for impregnating a mortal, the former god, Boscarax is on a quest for redemption.  With no corporeal form of his own he possess the bird life in order to communicate with people.  Understanding perfectly how Celeste accidentally summoned Dave, he takes a special interest in the case.  Having revealed that the summoning was no mere mistake, he stays at Dave's and Celeste's side, helping them face their uncertain futures.

SIR GOODFELLOW: Having been in love with the heartless Celeste for many years, the knight Sir Goodfellow, is furious when he hears that Dave is staying in her room.  Without bothering to find out the truth first, he vows there and then that Dave must die by his hand.

CHIEF SUMMONER: The leader of the summoner's guild, known as the chief, takes the same position as Celeste when it comes to Dave.  He views him as sub-human and often refers to him as "it".  A stickler for the rules, it was his decision to make celeste uphold her responsibilities and look after Dave.  Suffice to say, neither of them like him very much.

JADE & AMY: These two student summoners, like many of the other females at the guild, find Dave irresistible.  Using every trick in the book with the exception of honesty, they constantly try to trick him into bed. 


As time goes by, Daveís real reason for being summoned is revealed and he finally has a purpose.  He doesn't remain a fish out of water for long.  Deciding to make the most of his life in this world, he helps a local professor invent all kinds of things that are common back in London.  Starting to enjoy life again he even manages to reach Celeste's heart.  That said, one of her violent episodes is never far away.  As their relationship begins to grow, sadly, so do the dangers they're facing.


After being summoned, Dave struggles to for acceptance, something he's unlikely to find any time soon.  Within days, he's hated by most of the male summoners and Celeste's uncle tries to kill him.   From there, things go downhill.  First the chief summoner tries to take his life then he gets embroiled with the local underworld before falling foul of the king, the army and 25,000 religious crusaders.

There's never a dull moment in Dave's world.

Written in episode format, Whoops, Eternity! Consists of 22 individual tales linked by on-going themes and character progression.  The overall story evolves with each individual episode until the story reaches its dramatic conclusion in the 22nd and final episode.